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Tree Removal Services

Tree Removal Services Bloomington, IN

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Indiana Tree Company provides tree removal services to Bloomington, Indianapolis, Martinsville, Bedford, and surrounding Indiana areas. Our tree removal services are performed by tree professionals who have a deep understanding, experience, and expertise in tree removal. Each tree removal professional has a minimum of five (5) years experience working with trees. Our goal is to provide you with a tree service that makes you and/or your family feel safe, assess and remove your tree with clear expectations, and properly care for your other trees and property during the process. Read our customers’ reviews on our Google Page. 

Professional Tree Experts

Tree Removal Cost for Bloomington & Indianapolis IN

Tree removal cost are always one of the top factors when choosing a tree removal company. There are several variables factored when assessing the price for tree removal. Indiana Tree Company always offers free estimates for any and all trees within our servicing area. Call us to see if you’re in our servicing area, 812-327-4573.

A few of the factors affecting price are:

·         How close the tree/s are to other properties (e.g. fence, barn, house, wires, etc.)

·         How large the tree is that needs to be removed

·         How many branches the tree has

·         Access ability for our equipment (i.e. can we get to the tree easily with large equipment?)

·         Condition of tree for removal (i.e. is your tree dead or living?)

Indiana Tree Company is fully transparent on pricing and will clearly set expectations when delivering a tree removal quote to you.

Tree Removal Equipment

Indiana Tree Company uses top of the line gear due to the nature of our high risk profession. Our tree removal equipment varies by each type of tree removal project, but consists of CMI pulleys, Buckingham harnesses and spikes, and Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws.

We also use what’s call a “big shot” that is used to place lines in the tree before we start our climb. We always climb trees with a climb line and are connected to the tree with two connections as safety is always a top priority.

When removing a large tree, we use a skid loader to move the large logs, which helps us remove heavy logs quicker so we can finish your project faster.

Most of the trees we remove are locally recycled where the logs are used for firewood. We take our brush to Good Earth where the brush is shredded and turned into mulch.

Schedule Your Free Tree Removal Estimate

Indiana Tree Company offers free tree removal estimates to the areas we service. You can call or text us at anytime at 812.558.2095or fill out our form here.

We look forward to doing business with you!

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