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Terms and Conditions

Insurance: Indiana Tree Company has both property insurance and Worker’s Compensation, as required by law. Certificates of coverage are available upon request.


Scheduling and CancellationIndiana Tree Company’s schedules are contingent upon weather, accidents, and other delays beyond our control, and shall not be liable for damages due to those delays. Indiana Tree Company will notify by phone or email if services are delayed or expedited by three or more days.

When  Indiana Tree Company and client are in contract there will be a cancellation fee of $100 or 10% which ever is greater.


On the Job: All work will be performed and completed professionally with the appropriate tools and equipment for the job.  All debris from tree trimming and tree removal operations will be cleaned up upon completion (unless otherwise noted). All lawn area will be raked, streets and sidewalks will be blown off, and all brush, branches, and logs shall be removed from the site (unless otherwise noted).


SafetyIndiana Tree Company strives for safety for everyone working at the site and any property that could be involved. The customer is not to enter the work area while crew members are working unless authorized by the crew leader onsite.


Stump Removal:  Stumps are grinded to the depth of 6-8″ Inches below ground level. Stump removal is not included in the price for tree removal unless noted. Grindings from stump removal are not hauled away and are left at the work area.


Unmarked UtilitiesIndiana Tree Company is not responsible for damages to underground sprinklers, drain lines, septic tank, septic fingers, invisible fences or underground cables unless marked, and must be mentioned during first consultation when placing the bid.


Terms of Payment: The customer agrees to pay the balance in full upon completion of the work (partial payment may be requested up front). Payments not received within 5 days will be charged a $50 late fee.  Failure to pay will result in an additional charge of $75 every 30 days, and may be turned over to a collections company after 90 days.


Types of Payment: Checks, Money Orders, Cashier’s Check, and PayPal are all accepted. Customers making PayPal payments will need to pay the extra charge. Canceled or checks with insufficient funds will be charged a $35.00 fee.


Indiana Tree Company

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