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Stump Grinding & Removal Services

Tree Stump Grinding & Removal Services


stump grindingIndiana Tree Company provides tree stump grinding and removal services to Bloomington, Indiana. Whether you are looking stump removal for landing clearing, an added service for our tree removal estimates, or a few stumps you’re lookin to be ground and removed, we are here to help. Our tree stump grinding and removal services are performed by tree experts. Read our customers’ reviews on our Google Page. 

Tree Stump Grinding & Removal Costs

People often ask us during our tree removal estimates if stump grinding is a part of our estimate. Usually, stump grinding is priced separately and you will see these costs in a separate line item within our estimates. You can get a rough estimate of stump grinding costs by using these questions and metrics below.

Indiana Tree Company always offers free estimates for any and all trees within our servicing area. Call us to see if you’re in our servicing area, 812-558-2095.

Indiana Tree Company is fully transparent on pricing and will clearly set expectations when delivering a tree removal quote to you.

Professional Tree Experts

Ground Level Measurements

tree stumpDetermining where the stump is actually appearing above ground is crucial for measuring and determining the cost of stump grinding. The quickest way to gauge the cost of stump grinding is measure the exposed diameter of the stump. Prices range from $5-$10 per diameter inch.

Stumps Measuring More than 12" In Diameter

Stumps measuring more than 12″ from the ground to the top of the stump typically adds a premium cost to the stump grinding estimate.

Roots & Ground Humps

Roots that are visible to the naked eye and that can be seen above ground will also add an additional charge to the estimate. Roots that are exposed will extend from the base of the stump and will require grinding as well to ensure any visible tree, stump, or root is properly ground.

Additionally, the roots may cause the ground to “hump” around the stump under ground. While this is visible to the naked eye, the “humps” will appear to be under the ground surface. These “humps” will also be ground and will add to the cost.

Removal of Woodchips/Grindings Off Property

stump grindingsStump grinding is a several step process often times involving removing the grindings off of the clients property. Removing the grinding off the property and either to a) designated area determined by client or b) to Indiana Tree Company’s preferred dumping place, Good Earth, an additional charge will be factored into the estimate.

Seeding & Additional Dirt

Seeding and additional dirt are crucial components of the stump grinding process to ensure grass will grow back in and around the stump. We include seeding and dirt fill within our estimates. However, if there are additional recommendations or landscaping in or around the stump that was removed, that would be addressed separately.

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